Toedesign is a full service toy design & TV property invention studio. Working with the most

hi-tech Commodore 64’s 1984 can buy.

Creator of the cult phenomenon SwearBears. Inventing & Licensing since 1996.


Aaron Tompkins

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“Aaron is a genius when it comes to creating not only toys but also in breathing life into them. He is able to take his creations and launch them into the multi-media platform that has become the world around us.”

Bill Hunt, SVP Development, KPI

“I have known Aaron for 15 years and we have worked together on MANY different kinds of projects. Aaron is a great toy designer and illustrator and has many different styles. He can imitate most style -if you have reference.  Aaron has helped on all kinds of presentations from Lil Luvables to Creepy Crawlers.  Aaron has met all kinds of incredibly crazy deadlines - always delivers and is very professional.”

Liz Hogan/ Director, Design - Girls at Jakks Pacific

“Aaron is a top-notch designer and one of the most creative people that I know. He is always prompt with deadlines and provides a depth of skills not normally available.”

Steve Casino/ Bang Zoom Design

“Aaron Tompkins and his cohorts at Toedesign provide that extra something that is often hard to pin down but always needed. There's that surefire combination of experience and professionalism, but also a passion for fun that they inject into their designs that can't be learned or taught. If you're looking for a collaborator who lives their job and jumps into each project head first, go with Toedesign.”

Attaboy/ Hi-Fructose co-founder

“Aaron knows toys. It’s great to work with someone who is passionate about the product they are designing. Aaron works fast and is very easy to communicate with. It’s refreshing to work with someone who “gets it”

Steven Fink/ Bang Zoom Design

“The work that comes out of Toe Design is kind of like biting into a fantastic looking cupcake and finding out it has candy bars inside too.  It starts out great and once you bite in it gets even better.


Just as you think you get the very best in service and quality of design, Aaron delivers designs, ideas and style that is not only commercial and relevant, but fun and inspiring.  

This studio is one of the gems of the entertainment, graphics and product design industry and truly one of the easiest, professional and open resources I have used in 15 years of toy development.  

I once carried Aaron’s groceries all the way home to New Jersey, you know why? Just out of respect.”  

Cove Overley/ General Manager – Re:Creation Group

“I have known Aaron for many years and have hired him several times for a variety of different projects, ranging from final product rendering to new idea generation.

He is spirited and enthusiastic about new design challenges and is a creative problem solver. Aaron delivers with the same passion that he puts into his own entrepreneurial projects. I highly recommend him for your creative design needs.”

-Franklin La Barbara,

“I always thought you were the sickest most creative cat in the business hands down....MADE ME LOOK LIKE A COMMERCIAL LITTLE PUSSY sitting next to David Lynch and Woody Allens love child!”